You can search AMALA products in two ways, that is    :
  1.  By selecting the product category at the top of the page
  2.  By entering the product name in the search box located at the top of the page


Do I need to have an account at AMALA if I want to buy AMALA products?

We recommend creating an account at AMALA first to make the booking process easier. By having an account at AMALA, You no longer need to enter your personal data and shipping address every time you shop.

What are the benefits I get by creating an account at AMALA?


How to order products in AMALA?

Select the product what you want, then click Buy Now.If you're done shopping, Click pages Cart located in the top right corner to see the details of your order, then click Checkout.and then, Choose shipping method and payment method what you want. Next check your order details again. If it is appropriate, Click Confirm Order and wait email confirmation from us.

If I have a diamond/ own gemstone, Can you just buy the jewelry frame in AMALA?


What are the payment methods offered by AMALA?

AMALA provides several payment methods, that is through transfer bank, Visa/ MasterCard, CIMB Clicks, KlikBCA, BCA KlikPay, Mandiri Clickpay, Mandiri SMS Banking and Mobile EDC.

Does AMALA have an installment program to purchase its products?


Does the sending order used by AMALA?

For domestic delivery, AMALA using courier service (only for Jakarta area), RPX and JNE..As for sending abroad, AMALA using courier service FedEx.

How long is the delivery time of the product?

Can my order be sent faster?

Can I see the delivery status of the products I buy?


How do I contact AMALA?

You can contact AMALA through live chat, or email to sales.id@amalagoldshop.com, or call phone in 031-3557846