Buy Back Guidelines

Guidelines Process of repurchasing Amala Gold Shop

1.       Re-purchase by Amala GoldShop, only valid for King Halim brand products using this WebSite Online.

2.       Product conditions:

1.       Has never been repaired, added / replaced ornament / component either stone or gold or other metal components, solder, toy or other by any party.

2.       Not changed shape, not badly damaged or totally damaged.

3.       How to send:

1.            Package the product safely and ship via RPX ( to:

Amala Pasar Atom Surabaya

Atom Mall Market

Lt 1 E5-E6

Jl Bunguran 45 Surabaya

Tel 031-3557846


2.               Include complete Name, Address, Bank Account Number active, Original Invoice

3.               Ensure our notification by e-mail to BEFORE delivering.

4.         Refund process:

Goods purchased at Amala GoldShop> Maximum check for 3 business days> Transfer money via bank up to 7 days after the goods are finished. The entitled Amala GoldsShop specifies the items that can be bought at Buy Back.

5.         The Buyback value of the weight of goods received is multiplied by 10% - 25% discounted goods and the price is converted at that time.

Example: xx gram x (75% -10%) x gold price.

6.         Amala GoldShop shall not be liable for any loss or all risks incurred during shipping of goods.

7.         Terms & Conditions and Purchase Procedures are subject to change without notice.