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 1. Scope of Terms and Conditions of Use

  •     These Terms and Conditions of Use are a requirement for you in your use of the Site www.amalagoldshop.com
  •     amalagoldshop.com ini ("site"), either as a guest or as a Member Member as stipulated in the Membership Agreement ("Terms and Conditions of Use").
  •     This site is sites operated and owned by PT. Fine Line ("Organizer").
  •     By using this Site approval in the fields under these Terms and Conditions of Use, indicates that you have accepted all the terms and conditions of use of the Site     provided for in these Terms and Conditions of Use.
  •     If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of use of the Site in these Terms and Conditions of Use, Then you can to not continue the use of the site.

2. A statement and security

  •     You stated that the information you up to the site would be considered information is classified and not protected ownership
  •     You agree to cast vote to the producer to display , use , reproduce , change , adjust , make the derivative products , publish and Part or all of menyebar-luaskan on     a continual basis , worldwide , without royalty , from the information that you are given . Power can be applied to a variety of the form of , media , and     technologies that existing or to be developed
  •     You guarantee that you have right whether morally and legally in relation to the delivery power as stipulated in article 2.2 the organizers .
  •     You understand and agree that the having the right to refuse showing or remove or limit access to information that you are given without previous notice.
  •     You explicitly states that it agree that the use of you , or inability you to using the site , risk full responsibility of you.
  •     You are fully responsible for the conduct of security ( back up your own ) toward the system .
  •     You agree to give compensation and freed carrier and the board of directors , officials , employees , affiliation , agent , contractor , principal , and as a license from     the organizers of the , of all claims that appears because of the transgression of you against terms and provisions this use is

3. Restrictions

  •     Organizers were not responsible for the accuracy of the truth and the information provided by the site.
  •     The insurer has not said and does not provide a guarantee that you will free from losing , loss directly or indirectly , damage , attacks , the virus , disorder , a     hacking , or disorder other security , insurer deny responsibility for anything related.
  •     The organizers of the does not guarantee or states that the use of the site by you will free from through a disturbances and error.
  •     You agree that from time to time organizer can take site for unspecified time , or cancel site at any time , unannounced to you.
  •     Based on the principle that would make an effort to protect information that you are given with respect to the site , but you also has agreed to that turning over     the information by you are in the risk you are fully, and Based on the principle that would make an effort to protect information that you are given with respect to     the site , but you also has agreed to that turning over the information by you are in the risk you are fully.

4. Third Party

  •     The insurer can run advertising and the promotion of the third side to site or can tell us about products or link to a third party at the site.
  •     Transactions you with the third party on syarat-syarat, conditions, insurance, or representation related to the transaction or promotion,Only done between you     and the third party.
  •     When you have a disagreement with one or more other advertisers or a third party , you are charged release organizer of a claim , demand and damage (direct     and indirect) Of any the kinds and properties of , known and unknown , and did not send a suspected , disclosed to and kept secret , arising or in any way related     to the dispute has.
  •     The agency does not guarantee the truth and keakurasian over all the information provided , Offered or installed by a third party site insurer not be liable for     damages resulting from the information .

5. Intellectual property rights

  •     All copyright and all information that can be protected as a right intellectual property that go into it includes video site , design , the text , the search results , a     graph , a picture , File sound and other information that is legally able to be protected as the intellectual wealth right , and the selection of and arrangement and     the preparation of the information, Is the absolute property of the organizers of the its license or a grantor , and protected by the rule of the legislation in     indonesia including but not limited to the legislation Replubic of indonesia Number 19 Years of  2002 About Copyright.
  •     You are given freedom or license limited access to the site , use the service and scored material for personal use , non-komersial , and information it. The insurer     entitled, unannounced and policies carrier, to end a license you to use site, and to block or prevent access you to use site.

6. Changes of changes

  •     The organizers of the can at any time can do amendments to the site and all information in it .
  •     The conditions and the provisions of the use of the site to change at any time without previous notice with the provisions of this That every changes there is          use of terms and provisions will be applied after perubahaan mention is made of the fee on their website . You are obliged to understand and he knows all the     requirements and the applicable provisions with respect to the use of this site and including all the revisions.

7. Legal Options

  •     All interpretation and the requirements and provisions this use, and your relationship with the subject under the law of the republic of indonesia
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