Shipping Policy


Booking Process

  • Your order will be processed after payment you we received in full.
    AMALA does not ship on  SUNDAY.
    AMALA only makes deliveries to permanent addresses like Home, Offices.
    AMALA does not send to addresses like P.O. Box, Hotel, Lodging, COD etc. if it happens then customers must revise with the Permanent Address as mentioned above
  • Different form of errors Customer data in any form that produces goods can not be shipped as the provisions of delivery Amala and Fund in the Refund only 50% of the amount already transferred by the Customer
  • AMALA is not responsible for errors delivery due to Address writing error. Make sure you already wrote the address correctly.
  • For submissions that are not in List Website Amala, then before making a purchase must contact Customers Service Live Chat or number Hotline available on Website
  • AMALA will use Insurance services on delivery of any jewelry in any nominal to add security in shipping as well as your convenience of transacting. Number Resi / Tracking Code wil we send to email. Please check at folder SPAM when you not found in folder INBOX.
    You can see the delivery status at your ACCOUNT .

Goods Preparation Process

It took us 1 day to preparing your order.
Orders of day FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY will processed on MONDAY.

Estimated Delivery Time

We use Delivery Service standard RPX jewelry for Jewelry delivery , but can be more depending on the RPX service that is beyond our control.
We will send to email for you Tracking Code or Number Resi for track your order.

Shipping Guarantee

We use the included RPX services insurance for your convenience.

Delivery To Another Address

For payment by Credit Card VISA/MASTER, we advise you to make delivery according to your credit card billing address data. If it turns out your shipping address want not registered in your Credit Card data, then you are expected to immediately register the address with your Credit Card Issuer Bank.

To prevent Card abuse Your credit, then we will ask you to show Credit Card along with the form identity KTP

If you have difficulty inside booking or have questions about AMALA products, You can contact AMALA through live chat, or email to, or Whatsapp in+62 81 13345761